Making money as an escort:

This tweet sums it up nicely:

Women become escorts because of the money, as related in this Twitter thread.
It affords them the opportunity to make more money, work fewer hours, and be their own boss.

Escorts (sex workers) can make an attractive income. Successful independent escorts might make a six-figure annual income. The coronavirus epidemic has severely impacted escorts’ earning ability.

Escorts come from every walk of life: Non-graduates, college students, college graduates, professional women, single mothers (YOU try paying for child care while working a minimum-wage job). It’s all about the money.

But escorting is not without its risks and challenges. An escort may also live a lonely life, because of the need to keep her occupation a secret from friends and family. Then there’s the prospect of violent assault, rape, or robery…and arrest. And there’s every escort’s nightmare: aging. Youth and beauty sell. Aging means posting old (younger-looking) pictures, lying about your age, reducing your rates, and (eventually) retirement or, in worst-case situations, streetwalking. Smart escorts prepare themselves for life after escorting (attending school or trade school, investing money, paying off a mortgage, accumulating a hefty savings account).

In today’s coronavirus-infected world country, many escorts are turning to web cams for income, or promoting paid memberships at their “fan club” where they post explicit pictures and videos. Some are offering “virtual private dating” (example). Below are the rates quoted by one virtual escort:

It appears some escorts are not seeing clients during the coronavirus pandemic, others may have had enough of self-quarantining, or they may be running out of money, and some have cast caution to the wind and resumed seeing clients.

If you book an escort during the coronavirus epidemic, how can you be sure it’s safe? If you are an escort, how can you be sure a client is not infected with coronavirus?
You can’t.