I Just Can’t Get Over You – Why Some Escorts Can’t Quit the Biz

I’ve known a number of escorts who said they were going to retire when they reached a certain age (usually around 45 or 50), but when the age arrived, they couldn’t quit.

i know of one escort who, in her early 40’s spent several weeks at a Florida plastic surgery resort. It cost her about $40,000, but she figured it added years to her working life.

Most often, what happens is that an aging escort may decrease her rates. Instead of $350 per hour, it becomes $300, then $250, then maybe $200 for repeat regulars. In a worst-case scenario, they may become streetwalkers offering blowjobs for $50 or $60.

Why? They’ve grown accustomed to their lifestyle. No clock to punch, no boss, ample money, maybe some travel, independence. The thought of hunting down a 9-5 job may be difficult to entertain. Then, too, a regular job application may require references and a work history…which might be problematic.

So they stick it out as long as they can…sometimes much longer than they should. It’s almost like an addiction.

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