Web Log – What Do Visitors Look At When They Visit Your Escort Website? And Who Are They?

An escort’s website will ideally include a web log…a record of information about who visits the website.

As you can probably guess, the two most-visited pages on an escort website are “photographs” and “rates”. Many visitors will visit only those two. If they find those interesting, they might check out the rest of the site. A few will go to the “contact” page to book an appointment or ask a question.

Sometimes, they will make repeat visits to your site…days or weeks apart. Maybe they’re interested but not sure. Or maybe they’re saving money until they can make a booking.

A website’s web log can provide some information about where they’re from and, sometimes, whom they work for. An IP address might resolve to “Acme Law Firm”, or “
Acme Engineering”, or “Acme Trucking”…or it just might be “Acme City Police Department”. The log also can tell you where they came from (if they were came from another site). “A visitor from eros.com”, for example.

The web log can provide some insight into who your visitors are, where they came from, and (sometimes) where they work. Another advantage: You can see whether or not people are visiting from places where you advertise (e.g., escort forum, Eros, etc.).

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