Learning to Hate Men

Several escorts I’ve known have told me that their experiences as an escort turned them into women who hated men. Oh, they remained in the business because of the money and freedom. But they still hated their clients.

Think about it:

A woman’s relationship with men (prior to becoming an escort) might involve a loving and protective father or brother. Or there might have been romantic relationships, where the man showers her with thoughtfulness, gifts, attention, and compliments.

But an escort’s relationship (at least some of) with her clients may offer none of the above. It’s a business transaction where the client is “the customer”…and, as the saying goes, “The customer is always right”. Men might show up for an appointment with an odor about them. Or they might be drunk (or high). They might be aggressive or rough. They might expect her to provide services she doesn’t wish to provide. Even though they might attain their objective with 15 minutes, they insist “I paid for a full hour”. These customers can be quite demanding, rude, and even belligerent.

Some escorts have said, “I’ll never marry (a man)”.

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