Assault, Rape, and Robbery: An Occupational Hazard for Escorts

One of the hazards faced by escorts is assault.
Escorts face the prospect of being raped, beaten, or robbed.
A miscreant who knows a woman is an escort may have few qualms about attacking her–he knows she might not report it to the police, for fear of being charged with prostitution.

I know an escort who was attacked in her hotel room, beaten, threatened with a knife, and robbed of her money. It happens.

That’s one reason why an escort will ask a prospective client for screening information–to check him out before scheduling an appointment.

Note: This particular escort was not about to let this P.O.S. get away. She filed a report with the police and hired a lawyer. He was tried and convicted of assault and robbery, and he spent several years in prison.


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VIP Escorts busted for money laundering

Federal authorities charged organizers of a high-end prostitution ring with money laundering Tuesday, accusing them of being behind an operation that channeled more than $10 million in sex profits through personal and business accounts at home and abroad.

VIP Escorts urged its hookers to deposit the thousands they collected for their services into bank accounts across the country, many of them in the name of fake entities, authorities said.

Money from the enterprise flowed through accounts in New York, Texas, California, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C., authorities said. The scheme was designed to hide the nature, location, source, ownership and control of the proceeds, say the feds.

The arrangement resulted in the flow of more than $10 million through banks in the U.S., and another $1 million was sent to accounts in Israel, the feds said.

According to the criminal complaint, fees ranged between $700 and $1,000 per hour. U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said Cohen and Reynolds arranged for escorts to meet clients in Manhattan and in numerous other locations.

Daily News

[Publ. note: I wonder what, if anything might happen to all the people in their “black book”.]

72 Sex Buyers, Escorts Arrested In Riverside County

Over the four-day period, sting operations were held in the cities of Temecula, Hemet, Corona, Moreno Valley, and Palm Desert. The task force officers placed “decoy” advertisements on websites commonly used by people looking for sex. When a prospective customer replied to an ad and a sex deal was struck, a meeting spot was offered. Once a customer showed up at the agreed upon location, he or she was arrested.

Task force officers also targeted online escort advertisements. In those cases, officers would respond to escort ads and agree to sex acts. The escorts — all women in this instance — were then arrested when they showed up at an agreed upon meeting spot.

In A Florida County, Sex Workers Are Ensnared In ‘Trafficking’ Raids

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister’s stings, conducted under the guise of targeting human trafficking, netted the largest number of arrests there since 2008. Sex workers say the operations put them at risk.

  • undercover detectives arrested 104 people
  • 28 of the arrests were sex workers charged with prostitution
  • Sixty-three others were charged with soliciting
  • Only three people were arrested and charged with human trafficking

The Appeal

Medical student ditches degree for a career as a male escort

Jake Ryan was just about to wrap up his masters degree in medicine when an unexpected job caught his attention.

“It then got to point where I was earning a lot more doing escorting,” Jake told

“The demand from clients got a lot higher where I was travelling to major cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and therefore I made the choice of putting my degree on hold and seeing what I can do with this.”

Daily Telegraph

Robbing the Clients

This article calls it a “new way” of robbing clients. It’s not. When Backpage was online, there were numerous reports of clients being robbed this way:

Criminals are finding new ways to rob people of their cash and belongings –  through escort, dating and classified ad websites.

Nottinghamshire Police dealt with the first ever ‘escort dating’ robbery in this area after a man was lured to an address in Lenton and then robbed at gunpoint of his wallet and £125 cash.

Nottinghamsire Live

85-year-old man stabbed to death by an apparent escort in Brooklyn

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Police are investigating the death of an 85-year-old man found dead inside his Brooklyn apartment Thursday night.

Shortly after 10 p.m., police responded to a call of an assault in progress at an apartment inside of 501 Lefferts Avenue.

Officials observed 85-year-old Edill Gonzales, unconscious and unresponsive, with multiple stab wounds to the body inside apartment 3B.

EMS transported the victim to NYC Health & Hospitals/Kings County, where he was pronounced dead.

Police recovered a knife at the scene and a 48-year-old woman was taken into custody.

Anchorage man found guilty of impersonating police officer, robbing escort at gunpoint

Christian Andre Young, 29, arranged to meet an escort at a hotel room in June of 2016, according to a statement from the Alaska Department of Law. He tried to get money from the woman by telling her he was a police officer, and then robbed her at gunpoint when she refused, according to the statement. Young took off with the woman’s cash and an iPad.

He was on probation for a similar crime when he committed the robbery. In 2012, Young robbed two escorts at gunpoint in their hotel rooms.

The jury deliberated for four hours and found Young guilty of robbery, impersonation of a public servant and interference with official proceedings. He’s scheduled to be sentenced in July, and prosecutors said he faces a presumptive sentence of 17 years behind bars.

Anchorage Daily News

Nebraska Lawmaker Proposes Tax on Escort Services

A state lawmaker who has fought for years to restrict human trafficking in Nebraska is now trying to hit traffickers in the wallet with a proposed sales tax on dating and escort services. The bill introduced would eliminate a sales tax exemption for the services, which include legitimate dating websites as well as businesses that act as a front for prostitution and human trafficking. Money generated from the tax would go into an existing state fund to help pay for services for human trafficking survivors. Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks, of Lincoln, says she was shocked that escort services receive the tax break, given the Legislature’s multi-year push to fight human trafficking.

Omaha Public Radio

Learning to Hate Men

Several escorts I’ve known have told me that their experiences as an escort turned them into women who hated men. Oh, they remained in the business because of the money and freedom. But they still hated their clients.

Think about it:

A woman’s relationship with men (prior to becoming an escort) might involve a loving and protective father or brother. Or there might have been romantic relationships, where the man showers her with thoughtfulness, gifts, attention, and compliments.

But an escort’s relationship (at least some of) with her clients may offer none of the above. It’s a business transaction where the client is “the customer”…and, as the saying goes, “The customer is always right”. Men might show up for an appointment with an odor about them. Or they might be drunk (or high). They might be aggressive or rough. They might expect her to provide services she doesn’t wish to provide. Even though they might attain their objective with 15 minutes, they insist “I paid for a full hour”. These customers can be quite demanding, rude, and even belligerent.

Some escorts have said, “I’ll never marry (a man)”.