The Work and Days

If an escort works for an agency, she lets the agency know her available work days and times. Generally, she shares her earnings with the agency (maybe 50%). Theoretically, the agency pre-screens clients, advertises, may provide transportation and room, and may provide security. Not all agencies are created the same. Some are reputable, some may be run by bums.

If an escort is an independent, she sets her own work days, locations, and hours. The independent handles everything. Advertising, pre-screening, accounting, transportation, booking rooms. A busy escort might hire an assistant to help with things such as screening, answering emails, posting on social media.

An escort can set her own schedule. A highly-paid escort might only see on client per day. Less-well-paid escorts might see multiple clients per day. An escort might see some of those clients only once or a few times. Other clients may become regulars.

If she’s lucky, she might find a regular client who is financially well-off. Such clients may take an escort on a “holiday” with them. It might be to a resort or perhaps to a sporting event weekend.

Some escorts go “on tour”, visiting different states and cities. This increases the available pool of clients, and some clients like to see a variety of escorts.

Many escorts book a hotel room, where they meet their clients. That can lead to long boring stretches of time in between clients, especially on tours.

Privacy, and secrecy, are ongoing issues for most escorts. Their family may not know how they earn their living–and the escort may not want them to know. Then there are the curious and prying clients who want to find out personal information about the escort (they have have “fallen in love” with her).

A potential hazard exists in the form of other escorts. Some escorts can be hostile and nasty, often if an escort “steals” another escort’s regular client.

Then there are the occupational hazards: assault, rape, theft, from vicious clients. This is a big reason why an experienced escort pre-screens new clients and may request references.

It can be an occupation that’s financially rewarding, but it has its downsides, including the lonliness that accompanies living a secret life.